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Auguste Lumière and Louis Lumière  The Lumière Brothers

The next big landmark in photography came with the introduction of the first commercial use of colour photography known as the Lumière Autochrome thanks to French innovators, Louis and Auguste Lumière. They introduced a patented colour photography process which consists of a glass plate coated on both sides with microscopic grains of dyed potato starch which acted as colour filters. This new type of photography became wildly popular for capturing landscapes as well as for photojournalistic images and are also both credited to be the first filmmakers in history. Maldon Archive illuminates the early history of Maldon. Maldon Archive illuminates the early history of Maldon. The early images were taken by the pioneering photographers of their time and depict Maldon scenes, people, businesses, the surrounding area and a lot more including:    E. H. Bentall & Co. Limited  from 1805 until 1984, Essex Show 1971, Maldon in 1971 Black & White ,  Maldon in 1971 Colour, Churches in and around Maldon , Maldon by Gas Light from 1897 to 1971 when electricity took over, Maldon's Inns, Tavens and Public Houses, Maldons Mud Race from 1973 to 1995, Maldon's two Railways, Orth's Garage (R.L. Orth & Sons Limited together with Robert & Leslie Orth, The Queens First Visitto Maldon on 28th May 1971, John Sadd & Sons Limited  from 1729 to 1994,  Thames Barges,  Sains Farm, Great Totham and the French Family by Jane Chapman, Roads & Streets in and around Maldon from 1891 to 1984 and more.